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  • Fact-checking gameshow question rewrites. FACTORIOUS podcast, for Keller-Noll.                                      fall 2019

  • As Segment Producer for Travel's MOST TERRIFYING PLACES, wrote many pitches.                                     summer 2019

  • Writing/revising / story producing, independent doc on bollywood dancers                                                   2018-2019

  • Pitches and outlines, for Nat Geo Wild                                                                                                                  spring 2018

  • WE ARE THE JONESES, reality scripting, story arcs, beats                                                                                  spring 2017

  • TREATMENT, PITCH WRITER: Baboon Animation, Four Seasons, Angry Birds, Partisan, and others              2001 - 2016

  • 70-page Custom TECHNICAL MANUAL, livestream producing instructions, Brooklyn Commons                  2015

  • Radio script for (also commissioned for other ideas for spots)                                                      2010, 2011

  • COPY EDITOR AND NEWS EDITOR McGraw-Hill. Weekly trade magazines in engineering and aero-space.

  • WEB COPYWRITER, PUBLICITY: Baboon Animation: Occasional scripting revisions, in addition to promo work.

  • ASSISTANT SCRIPT EDITOR: OPERATION AJAX: Converted graphic novel storyboards and notes into feature-length script, on British and U.S. involvement in the 1970s Iran revolt, for first ever 5-star award-winning animated graphic novel iPad app. Baboon Animation.                                                                                                                                                                2009




  • Space Aliens Bad Mothers and Guns: review of 'Star Trek the Animated Series'

  •  interviews/articles on visual artists

  • SpaFinder: synopses on spas

  • Harvard’s LGBT Lit Journal, short story  

  • Release: short story, Lang College Literary Journal

  • High Times, article on conscientious objection   

  • World War Three Illustrated – poster




  • Outreach Coordinator, THE YES MEN FIX THE WORLD

  • Baboon Animation: Writing and distributing press releases and new website content, for branding of creative group. Developed and oversaw social media campaign for publication of Operation Ajax

  • Charged: Wrote occasional press releases.

  • The Brooklyn Commons: developing and managing social media as well as basic promo.

WEB (and content) PRODUCER


  • Charged: Drupal site. Managed web designers and engineers for complete new website for animation and live-action commercial production company. Wrote copy on spots and shows. Edited and recompressed clips with codecs and aspect ratios,. Edited press releases.

  • Baboon Animation: Wix. Finding and processing images, drafting and editing content.

  • Four Seasons Lodge (original site no longer in use)

  • Coordinated a new website construction for the Brooklyn Commons

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